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Subject of research - conformity of contemporary conditions and perspectives of ferrous metallurgy as a leading section of home economics, principal priorities of fields which secure the formation of science based manufacture with the account of the world technological tendencies.

Object of research are the enterprises of ferrous metallurgy (SC Arselor Mittal Temirtau, the Aktobe and Aksu ferroalloy plants), iron and ore deposits which are found to be the raw resources of metallurgical complexes in Kazakhstan.

Objective of the dissertation work - comprehension of theoretical propositions and methodical grounds of ferrous metallurgys effectiveness, role and place of metallurgical complex in conditions of globalization processes and defining scientific-technical priorities on its base, which would support the output of science based and competitive production in home metallurgical enterprises.

Theoretical and methodological bases of the research were the works of home and foreign scientists-economists. Legislative and normative acts, statistics agencys materials of Republic of Kazakhstan, report data of metallurgical enterprises, Internet were widely used.

While making research in accordance with objective and tasks, numerous economical-statistical and economical-mathematical methods and methods of economical analysis as generalization of theoretical concepts, abstract-logical, comparative were used.

Scientific newness of the research:

  • peculiarities of contemporary conditions and technological level of ferrous metallurgical plants were studied, also factor which call forth the development of metallurgical complex were found and peculiarities of innovation policy in ferrous metallurgy as well;
  • on the basis of research of innovative investment activity of home metallurgical plants, the methodical approach to the choice of excavative-loading equipment in iron mining subfields of ferrous metallurgy was worked out;
  • method of economical-statistical modeling and forecasting metallurgical production is offered it would allow to foresee the level of profitability and to outline definite activities the realization of which would promote the output of competitive production on the ferrous metallurgical plants;
  • methodical principles of normative productivity of equipment, when complex optimizing of loading-transport equipments functioning parameters takes place at the ferrous metallurgical plants are worked out;
  • method of choice of optimum variants of developing concentrating mills and distribution of manganese concentrates among metallurgical enterprises-consumers is offered, it would support the raise of economical effectiveness of manganese are use as one of main component of steel production;
  • the development priorities of home ferrous metallurgy and trends of diversification of the field are scientifically grounded, they would be realized on the basis of elaboration and use of technological innovations.

Principal propositions submitted to the defense:

  • the raise of competitiveness of metallurgical production at the expense of introduction of massive new techniques, technologies and provision of a new approach to the technology of monitoring, analysis and management of technological processes at ferrous metallurgical plants;
  • the growth of mining equipments productivity at the expense of further technical rearmament and choice of type, quantity of equipment for a complex of excavating-loading works done by mining enterprises;
  • economical-mathematical modeling of profitability which allows to manage the production process and to market metallurgical production;
  • method of normative productivitys estimation of the equipment in conditions of permanently changing factors of mining plants;
  • a task to choose one of the optimal variants of developing ore-dressing plants and distribution of manganese concentrates among enterprises-consumers of ferrous metallurgy.

Practical significance of the research is concluded with the economical-statistical models worked out by the researcher. They allow to foresee the level of profitability of metallurgical production; thought out algorithm and programmers give an opportunity to choose the optimal variants of developing ore-dressing plants and distribution of manganese concentrates among consumers; to define the perspectives of metal market development and factors which influence the competitiveness of home ferrous metallurgy, a thought out approach to the problem of further development of ferrous metallurgical plants gives an opportunity to move to the market of high technological production.

Principal results of the accomplished research are put into the practice of the schooling process on economic disciplines at the A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University. These results are introduced into the practice works of SC SSGPO (the akt of introduction is available).

A link of dissertation work with scientific researches. Dissertation work is done in accordance with a plan of scientific research works (SRW) of the A.Yassawi International Kazakh-Turkish University.

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